Sentence Examples with the word Steele

Among the more prominent buildings are the court-house - the portion first erected being designed after the Parthenon - the Steele high school, St Mary's college, Notre Dame academy, the Memorial Building, the Arcade Building, Reibold Building, the Algonquin Hotel, the post office, the public library (containing about 75,000 volumes), the Young Men's Christian Association building and several churches.

The laughter thus provoked extinguished the Predictions for three years, and in 1715 Partridge died in fact; but the episode left a permanent trace in classic literature, for when in 2709 Steele was to start the Tatler, it occurred to him that he could secure the public ear in no surer way than by adopting the name of Bickerstaff.

The club originally consisted of thirty-nine, afterwards of forty-eight members, and included among others the duke of Marlborough, Lords Halifax and Somers, Sir Robert Walpole, Vanbrugh, Congreve, Steele and Addison.

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Steele, with a preface (1905); (12) Opera hactenus inedita, by Robert Steele (1905).

He had been in England for three years together, 1701 to 1704, and counted Pope, Steele and Addison among his friends.

Among those who denounced it - besides some whose names are now little known, but are recorded in the pages of Clarkson - were Baxter, Sir Richard Steele (in Inkle and Yarico), the poets Southern (in Oroonoko), Pope, Thomson, Shenstone, Dyer, Savage and above all Cowper (see his Charity, and Task, bk.

Addison contributed to the Taller, and together with Steele established and carried on the Spectator (1710-1714), and subsequently the Guardian (1713).

There are plates representing members of the chief orders in Dugdale's Monasticon, and in the books of Gasquet and Steele mentioned above; also (coloured) in Tuker and Malleson, Handbook to Christian Rome, pt.