Sentence Examples with the word Staying

He was staying in less splendid quarters a few blocks away.

New arrivals and departures at Bird Song were nonexistent as all present guests were staying at least through the weekend.

He seems to have gone next to to Paris, staying perhaps with Etienne de la Forge, a Protestant merchant who suffered for his faith in February 1 53 5.

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III) tells a story that, while staying at the court of Ptolemy Soter, Diodorus was asked to solve a dialectical subtlety by Stilpo.

Those new thoughts at first simply pushed aside the ordinary theology taught in the schools without staying to criticize it.

He had now been for some days in Moscow and was staying as usual at his father's house.

After an excursion to Mosul and Diarbekr, he made the haj a second time, staying at Mecca three years.

At church Sunday, the subject that she was staying at his house was avoided.

Up and down the hills, searching and searching but all the little ones are staying inside in this coal-stripped countryside.

After staying for some time in Africa as the disciple of Augustine, he was sent by him in 415 to Palestine with a letter of introduction to Jerome, then at Bethlehem.