Sentence Examples with the word Stayed

So Mildred stayed with me in Cambridge, and for six happy months we were hardly ever apart.

At least his master couldn't touch her if she stayed in his head.

She'd been terrified since being told she had amnesia, but she'd stayed strong.

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He stayed so long that Princess Mary and Natasha exchanged glances, evidently wondering when he would go.

The poet Thomas Gray, who stayed frequently at Stoke Poges in the vicinity, is enthusiastic concerning the beauty of the Beeches in a letter to Horace Walpole in 1737.

In Bagdad he stayed several years, studying the Koran and other works of Moslem theology, for controversial purposes, arguing with Nestorian Christians, and writing.

His own Guardians stayed out of arm's reach of him, and humans picked up and ran.

Her gaze stayed on Katie's neck until one of the others addressed her.

During the years1823-1826he went through the prescribed course at the divinity hall, then presided over by Dr Stevenson MacGill, and on leaving, accompanied a pupil as private tutor to Eton, where he stayed two years.

They were the yard porter Ignat, and the page boy Mishka, Vasilich's grandson who had stayed in Moscow with his grandfather.