Sentence Examples with the word Stations

Between the Parkeston Quay and Town railway stations is that of Dovercourt, an adjoining parish and popular watering-place.

In 1856 the people voted for statehood; and in June 1857 they elected members of a constitutional convention which drafted a constitution at Salem in August and September 1857; the constitution was ratified by popular vote in November 1 For many years it was generally believed that the administration at Washington was prevented from surrendering its claims to Oregon, in return for the grant by Great Britain of fishing stations in Newfoundland, by Marcus Whitman, who in1842-1843made a journey across the entire continent in the depth of winter to dissuade the government from this purpose.

Observations on the Sonnblick agree with those at low-level stations in showing a diminution of dissipation with increase of relative humidity.

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Besides the troops in barracks, during the drill season there is often a considerable force in camp, both regular troops from other stations and militia and volunteer units, so that, including the regular garrison, sometimes as many as 40,000' troops have been concentrated at the station for training and manoeuvres.

Observations have usually been limited to a portion of the year, or to a few hours of the day, whilst the results from different stations differ much in details.

In February 1884 there was a plot to blow up four London railway stations by means of clockwork infernal machines containing dynamite, brought from America.

The attacking force was disposed in three groups: (i) the Alexandra, Sultan and Superb, outside the reef, to engage the Ras-el-Tin and the earthworks under weigh; (2) the Monarch, Invincible and Penelope, inside the harbour, to engage the Meks batteries; and (3) the Inflexible and Temeraire, to take up assigned stations outside the reef and to co-operate, with the inshore squadron.

All over western Europe the elaborate devices of the census and the stations for the collection of customs crumbled away; taxation as such disappeared, through the hostility of the clergy and the exemptions accorded to powerful subjects.

Before its annexation by Germany the lagoons were a favourite resort of slavers, and stations were established there by Portuguese, British, French and German traders.

In 1694 declared that the indulgences granted for visiting Palestine might be gained by members of the order who, simply visiting the stations of the cross wherever represented, exercised a devout meditation as they passed from station to station.