Sentence Examples with the word Starting

The Arakan Yomas starting from Cape Negrais extend northwards more or less parallel with the coast till they join the Chin and Naga hills.

Back at the house she showered and changed before starting lunch.

These were three in number: one along the shores of the Corinthian Gulf, which, owing to the nature of the ground, makes a long detour; the other two starting from Megara, and passing, the one by a lofty though gradual route over the ridge of Geraneia, the other along the Saronic Gulf, under the dangerous precipices of the Scironian rocks.

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Phillips had persisted in starting for Benin despite the repeated request of the king.

The numerous local branches of the Friends of the Folk-School and the Society for Popular Education display great activity, the former by aiding the smaller communes in establishing schools, and the latter in publishing popular works, starting their own schools as well as free libraries (in nearly every commune), and organizing lectures for the people.

I mean, this is supposed to be you starting your lives together, not hauling around your poor spinster of a friend who's about to be abandoned.

Joe Clark recently played homage to the CSS Samurai by starting a WCAG samurai focusing on web accessibility.

As a mater of fact, she was starting to think that her idea of the right man was nothing more than a pipe dream.

I almost thought he would sink the ship before the anchor could be got up; involuntarily I paused on my handspike, and told Queequeg to do the same, thinking of the perils we both ran, in starting on the voyage with such a devil for a pilot.

But the Christian Democracy, which, starting in Belgium and France, had now extended its activity to Italy, Austria and Germany, and was striving to arrive at this solution, degenerated everywhere into a political party.