Sentence Examples with the word Stands

Assiut stands near the west bank of the Nile across which, just below the town, is a barrage, completed in 1902, consisting of an open weir, 2733 ft.

In it stands a marble statue of the landgrave Frederick II.

The single figure of Ammianus Marcellinus stands out of this age like a belated disciple of Tacitus.

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Between these extreme examples stands the ordinary photographic objective: the portrait objective is corrected more with regard to aperture; objectives for groups more with regard to the field of view.

At the head of Lake Placid stands Whiteface Mountain, from whose summit one of the finest views of the Adirondacks may be obtained.

In the market square stands a fine market cross of the 16th century, borne upon an octagonal battlemented basement.

High, probably the finest sculptured monolith in Scotland, stands in a field to the east of the town.

At the junction of the two arms of the Rhine stands the old castle (De Burcht), a circular tower built on an earthen mound.

The cruciform parish church of St Marcelliana stands on a high cliff, west of the castle.

It is the chief station of the Capuchin missions to the Chayma Indians, founded toward the close of the 17th century, and stands 2635 ft.