Sentence Examples with the word Staminal

In the Euphorbiaceae we have an excellent example of the gradual suppression of parts, where from an apetalous, trimerous, staminal flower we pass to one where one of the stamens is suppressed, and then to forms where two of them are wanting.

Thus in Cruciferous plants the staminal whorl consists of four long stamens and two short ones (tetradynamous).

The outermost series of the essential organs, collectively termed the androecium, is composed of the microsporophylls known as the staminal leaves or stamens.

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Thus in Dicentra and Corydalis there are six stamens in two bundles; the central one of each bundle alone is perfect, the lateral ones have each only half an anther, and are really stipules formed from the staminal leaf.

Many case's of what was considered chorisis are in reality due to the development of stipules from the staminal leaf.

The cells of the staminal hairs of Tradescantia air ginica contain a large sap-cavity across which run, in.

It is sometimes difficult to say whether these structures are to be referred to the corolline or to the staminal row.

Evergreen shrub with flattened leaf-like cladodes, native in the southerly portion of England and Wales; the small flowers are unisexual and borne on the face of the cladode; the male contains three stamens, the filaments of which are united to form a short stout column on which are seated the diverging cells of the anthers; in the female the ovary is enveloped by a fleshy staminal tube on which are borne three barren anthers.

The pollinia are also provided with an appendicular staminal covering (fig.

Flowers which are cyclic at one portion and spiral at another, as in many Ranunculaceae, are termed hemicyclic. In spiral flowers the distinction into series is by no means easy, and usually there is a gradual passage from sepaloid through petaloid to staminal parts, as in the water-lily family, Nymphaeaceae (figs.