Sentence Examples with the word Stalking

His vamps started stalking our Guardians this morning, and I lifted the ceasefire mandate.

He's been stalking us all the way from New Hampshire where he killed two friends of ours.

She found herself ascending the servants. stairwell at a run, in case the Ully-demon was still stalking her, until she reached her floor, which appeared blessedly free of any signs of battle and death.

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Brady pulled her micro from his cargo pocket and approached her with a controlled, slow gate, much like that of a stalking lion.

He'd based this incorrect guess after stalking us and seeing us together.

It has been used both for deer stalking and for coursing, and several varieties exist.

Katie snatched the shaving bag and a towel, stalking to the bathroom.

It seems to me, the jury is still out on this mess but if Shipton is stalking her, legally or not, she deserves reasonable protection until we know for sure.

He's stalking us and he's going to be successful if Miss Julie spills the beans.

We've been stalking guys like him with some success for years, the old fashioned way.