Sentence Examples with the word Stalactites

In diameter, standing erect, but pierced by a tubular passage from top to bottom; the Leaning Column nearly as large, undermined and tilting like the campanile of Pisa; the Organ, a cluster of stalactites in the chamber known as the Cathedral; besides a vast bed of di.- integrated carbonates left by the whirling flood in its retreat through the great space called the Elfin Ramble.

Of imposing dimensions, and adorned with stalactites of great beauty, are the most notable among its natural peculiarities; one is situated at the seaward end of the glen of the Mylopotamus, and the other, named Santa Sophia, about two hours' ride from Capsali (Kapsali).

On the west side of the Bard is the Orkney Man's Cave - a great cavern with fine stalactites and a remarkable echo.

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The whole cut impressed me as if it were a cave with its stalactites laid open to the light.

There are eleven enormous pits, many large fine stalactites and stalagmites and surprisingly beautiful mural decorations.

Contiguous stalactites are often inwrapped thus till they assume an almost globular form, through which by making a section the primary tubes appear.

At some period, long subsequent to its original excavation, and after many large stalactites had grown, it was completely filled with glacial mud charged with acid, whereby the dripstone was eroded into singularly grotesque shapes.

Hence some stalactites have their tips under water long enough to allow tassels of crystals to grow on them, which, in a drier season, are again coated over with stalactitic matter; and thus singular distortions are occasioned.

There are some fine stalactites near this pit, and others in the Fairy Grotto and in Pensico Avenue; but, considering the magnitude of Mammoth Cave, its poverty of stalactitic ornamentation is remarkable.

In the Zwarteberg of the central chain are the Cango Caves, a remarkable series of caverns containing many thousand of stalactites and stalagmites.