Sentence Examples with the word Staked

Sometimes he staked a large sum, but Dolokhov refused to accept it and fixed the stake himself.

Of the Pecos Valley, and in the Staked Plain and Edwards Plateau; and the widely extending Lower Austral zone, covering most of the state and subdivided into the Lower Sonoran or arid western part, the Austroriparian, or humid eastern, and the narrow Gulf Strip, which is semi-tropical.

These are prepared by cutting down and burning the jungle, which is afterwards hoed, lined and staked in parallel rows running both ways.

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Rostov staked five rubles on a card and lost, staked again, and again lost.

Boundary of New Mexico the Great Plains province is known as the Edwards Plateau; between the Edwards Plateau and the valley of the Canadian river, as the Llano Estacado, or Staked Plains; and N.

Like all games in which the element of chance found a place, it was regarded as more or less ominous of the future success of the players, especially in matters of love; and the excitement was sometimes further augmented by some object of value being staked on the event.

The worst of it is, now he thinks he has some kind of claim staked on me.

The corpse of the vampire, which may often be recognized by its unnaturally ruddy and fresh appearance, should be staked down in the grave or its head should be cut off; it is interesting to note that the cutting off of heads of the dead was a neolithic burial rite.

Of the Canadian rivers lies the great arid tableland known as the Staked Plains (Llano Estacado), a vast stretch of barren wastes, with almost nothing to break the monotony of its landscape.