Sentence Examples with the word Stairs

They charged through the hall toward the stairs and descended to the main floor.

She climbed the stairs and entered their room.

There was a small room beneath the stairs on the main floor, rented in the past but occupied by Martha since her January arrival.

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Darian withdrew from her and the room, trotting down the stairs to hunt down the phone.

Sarah watched him climb the stairs while tears ran down her face.

The stairs had become narrower and Zeb and the Wizard often had to help Jim pull the buggy from one step to another, or keep it from jamming against the rocky walls.

He took her hand and they started down the stairs together, approaching the wolf with reticence.

In English churches these stairs generally run up in a small turret in the wall at the west end of the chancel; often this also leads out on to the roof.

Run for God's sake, and fetch something to pry open the door--the axe!--the axe! he's had a stroke; depend upon it!--and so saying I was unmethodically rushing up stairs again empty-handed, when Mrs. Hussey interposed the mustard-pot and vinegar-cruet, and the entire castor of her countenance.

The group of these queer creatures which was discovered clustered near the stairs at first remained staring and motionless, glaring with evil eyes at the intruders who had so suddenly appeared in their land.