Sentence Examples with the word Stabbed

The nobles resisted this infringement of their rights; but their leader, Ferdinand, duke of Braganza, was beheaded for high treason in 1483; in 1484 the king stabbed to death his own brother-in-law, Ferdinand, duke of Vizeu; and 80 other members of the aristocracy were afterwards executed.

He stabbed a fork into the roast and cut a small slice off.

How it chanced we know not; James's horse seems to have run away and thrown him (he was a bad horseman), and the story goes that he was taken into a cottage and stabbed by a priest.

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She stabbed the pitchfork into the dirt floor.

She stabbed the spade into the flowerbed and gazed off into the distance.

Of course, since Lori had hired the man who stabbed him, it might not be a good idea.

Warned by a hurried sign by Hamud that his life was in danger, Mahommed at once attacked Bandar, stabbed him and took possession of the citadel; a general massacre of all members of the house of Ibn Rashid followed, and next day Mahommed appeared with his cousin Hamud in the market-place of Hail, and announced his assumption of the amirship. A strong and capable ruler, he soon established his authority over all northern and western Nejd, and in 1872 the opportunity arrived for his intervention in the east.

Carnot seemed to be arriving at the zenith of popularity, when on the 24th of June 1894, after delivering at a public banquet at Lyons a speech in which he appeared to imply that he nevertheless would not seek re-election, he was stabbed by an Italian anarchist named Caserio and expired almost immediately.

He had become a puppet in the hands of his cousin Bessus and the Persian magnates with him (see Darius and at this extremity they stabbed him and allowed Alexander to become master only of his corpse (summer 330).

Disoriented, Rhyn glanced down and pulled the syringe out of his thigh, where the angel had stabbed him.