Sentence Examples with the word St

The festival of St Denis is celebrated on the 9th of October.

So) still only refers simply to the heathen belief, the author of the (Jewish?) original of the 17th chapter of the Apocalypse of St John expects the return of Nero with the Parthians to take vengeance on Rome, because she had shed the blood of the Saints (destruction of Jerusalem!).

Soon after his return to St Petersburg a cataract formed in his left eye, which ultimately deprived him almost entirely of sight.

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In return for this compliance, the emperor delivered over to the pope his troublesome rival Arnold of Brescia, who was burned alive by Nicholas Breakspear, the only English successor of St Peter.

Stevenson's other works include: Memories and Portraits (1887); The Merry Men and other Tales and Fables (1887); The Black Arrow (1888); Edinburgh: Picturesque Notes (1889); Across the Plains, with other Memories and Essays (1892), and the posthumous works, Songs of Travel and other Verses (1896), St Ives (1899), completed by Sir A.

Besides notices elsewhere, we find the charge specially dealt with by St Augustine and his friends.

A friend of St Columba and patron of Kilkenny in Ireland.

On the 4th of April was signed the Protocol of St Petersburg, an instrument which - as events were to prove - fettered the free initiative not of Russia, but of Great Britain (see Turkey: History; Greece: HistOry).7 After the death of the duke of York on the 5th of December 1826 the post of commander-in-chief was conferred upon Wellington.

Reverberations of the gossip of St James's and Mayfair extended to Bloomsbury in those days.

This was St Francis's root idea, and there is no doubt - though it has been disputed - that it was borrowed from him by St Dominic and the other Mendicant founders.