Sentence Examples with the word Squinted

It was midmorning on this side of the world, and Rhyn squinted up at the sky.

Pushing through some sumac that she thought bordered the clearing where the building stood, she squinted up at the sun.

The clock ticked away the minutes and she finally sat up and squinted at it - four-thirty.

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She assumed it was morning in her grogginess until a squinted peek at their clock showed two AM.

He squinted down at her in the dim light, his gray eyes smoldering with unmasked anger.

He squinted as he surveyed the black oven surrounding them.

He pushed up his eye-band, testing the chamber's darkness through squinted eyes before opening them.

He squinted at his watch in the dim light.

He squinted into the distance, scanning the entire horizon.

She braided her hair to keep the stiff sea breeze from tossing curls in her face and squinted upward again.