Sentence Examples with the word Squealed

She squealed in mock protest and he chuckled.

The wooden planks on the old porch cracked a smart welcome and the screen door squealed with delight when she opened it.

In a corner of the room something red and tiny gave a grunt and squealed in Mary Bogdanovna's trembling white hands.

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The storm door squealed a protest as he left the house, and the porch moaned with each step he took away from her.

Destiny squealed with delight and did it again.

He recognized Edwin Mayer and a few of the other employees of World Wide, although he didn't see Jackie Rudman, the young man who had squealed on Cece Baldwin.

When Destiny squealed and Jonathan laughed, it broke the spell.

The engine roared and his tires squealed down the street.

The stairs groaned as she climbed and the door squealed as she opened it.

She squealed and bent over to collect more snow.