Sentence Examples with the word Spread

This genus has long been known as a common and widely spread Jurassic and Cretaceous conifer, but owing to the absence of petrified specimens and of well-preserved cones, it has been impossible to refer it to a definite position in the Coniferales.

They are liberated in a mature condition, and probably live but a short time, merely sufficient to spread the species.

It took root and spread in spite of opposition until 1864, when an anti-foreign outbreak exterminated it.

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Usually we rely on Betsy's sole decision as a method of choosing a case but the wide spread interest in this kidnapping caused her to share it with all of us.

Compared with this obscure process - this spread of the king's peace along the highways and through the distant forest lands of the 12th and 13th centuries - papal interdicts and jubilees, however impressive their spectacle, are but fleeting shows.

The mission of the American Presbyterian Church, which has had its centre in Beirut for the last sixty years, has done much for Syria, especially in the spread of popular education; numerous publications issue from its press, and its medical school has been extremely beneficial.

Thus the Brahmans were offended at the prohibition of suttee and female infanticide, the execution of Brahmans for capital offences, the re-marriage of widows, the spread of missionary effort and the extension of Western education.

Both proceeded to take Hegelianism seriously, and between them spread a kind of Hegelian orthodoxy in metaphysics and in theology throughout Great Britain.

In ten minutes the table was ready and a napkin spread on it.

We researched tip lines in an effort to spread around our contacts.