Sentence Examples with the word Sprawled

She breathed deeply of his scent and listened to his heart beat from her position sprawled atop him.

Kiki was chained to the wall while Rhyn was sprawled on the floor of the small room.

Carmen was in the kitchen decorating a cake for Church tomorrow and Jonathan was sprawled out on the window seat, reading a book.

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Cody, sprawled in the middle of the street after being hit by a car, blood trickling from his skull into a nearby storm drain.

She sprawled on its floor, listening to the sound of crunching shale.

A huge white sycamore skeleton sprawled on the gravel beach, its bark long gone.

I couldn't hold them in, my hands grew numb in the sharp frost so that I threw down the reins--'Catch hold yourself, your excellency!' says I, and I just tumbled on the bottom of the sleigh and sprawled there.

He found a strange woman with pink hair and a blue face, sprawled on the beach, staring at the sky with a childlike fascination.

She walked in to see Rhyn.s jaguar form sprawled across the bed, shredding a down pillow.

The woman sprawled atop him shook, her blood smearing his hands.