Sentence Examples with the word Split

One party went beyond federalism and proposed to split Spain into cantons.

Thus over a great part of Europe the Catholic Church was split up into territorial or national churches, which, whatever the theoretical ties which bound them together, were in fact separate organizations, tending ever more and more to become isolated and self-contained units with no formal intercommunion, and, as the rivalry of nationalities grew, with increasingly little even of intercommunication.

Rissa blocked the blow of the second and dropped, rolling as an axe split the ground near her head.

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In the more highly developed lorms, as already indicated, the leaf-trace is split up into a number of strands which leave the base and sides of the leaf-gap independently.

I can't forget that she said she loved Alex and hoped we would split up.

In devising a system of ventilation it is customary to subdivide the workings so that the resistance to the ventilating current in each split shall be nearly equal, or so that the desired amount of air shall be circulated in each without undue use of regulating appliances which add to the friction and increase the cost of removing the air.

In the split second before the cat ducked under the bed, Jessi was aware of the man's size and intense gaze.

Each house consisted of two apartments; the floor was formed of split stems of trees set close together and covered with mats; they were reached from the shore by dug-out canoes poled over the shallow waters, and a notched tree trunk served as a ladder.

Meanwhile monophysitism had split into several factions.

A coalition of generals and Conservatives turned Sagasta out in July 1890, and he only returned to the councils of the regency in December 1892, when the Conservative party split into two groups under Canovas and Silvela.