Sentence Examples with the word Spilling

Dean smiled in spite of himself as Fred swept the kitchen table clear of cups and cat, dropping a bulky folder and spilling its paper contents.

She popped open her halter, nearly spilling the contents, and took out her cigarettes, but didn't light one.

The tears spilling over her lids when she faced him confirmed she knew what that 'something' was.

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Toby clambered up beside her, spilling the juice.

I see!' impetuously exclaimed Don Pedro, spilling his chicha upon his silvery ruffles.

She sobbed, absorbing the black visions spilling through his mind.

It teaches compassion, because sitting on the bus, I know the person beside me is someday going to have to search his soul the same way I did, so I don't mind that he's spilling his coffee on my shoes.

Without waiting for him to acknowledge her, she leaned over him and plopped it down, unconcerned with spilling it, before returning to the kitchen for the pot.

She rummaged around and withdrew a large batch of crumpled bills, spilling several.

This is done by scraping the capsule with a knife and transferring the concreted juice to a poppy-leaf held in the left hand, the edges of the leaf being turned in to avoid spilling the juice, and the knife-blade moistened with saliva by drawing it through the mouth after every alternate scraping to prevent the juice from adhering to it.