Sentence Examples with the word Spikes

They're like the fable of John Henry, who hammered in railroad spikes and worked himself literally to death in a frenzied effort to prove he could outperform the newfangled steam drill.

I was informed treacherously by a young Patrick that neighbor Seeley, an Irishman, in the intervals of the carting, transferred the still tolerable, straight, and drivable nails, staples, and spikes to his pocket, and then stood when I came back to pass the time of day, and look freshly up, unconcerned, with spring thoughts, at the devastation; there being a dearth of work, as he said.

Ramosus, 4 ft., have all long tapering keeled leaves, and simple or branched spikes of white flowers; A.

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Luteus, 2 ft., has awl-shaped leaves and dense spikes of fragrant yellow flowers; A.

The leafy stem ends in spikes of small yellow flowers.

The stone cliffs that walled the road on the opposite side wept icicles from every crevice, covering the surface in massive clusters of crystal spikes that sparkled in the dazzling sunlight.

Genevensis has not; both bear handsome spikes of blue labiate flowers.

The so-called catkins of the birch are, in reality, spikes of contracted dichasial cymes.

The flowers are shortlystalked, the lower ones growing in the fork of the branches, the upper ones sessile in one-sided leafy spikes which are rolled back at the top before flowering, the leaves becoming smaller upwards and taking the place of bracts.

Podophylla with large bronzy-green leaves cut into 5 large lobes, and tall branching spikes 3 to 4 ft.