Sentence Examples with the word Spelled

I made her go through the motion of knocking the doll's head on the table and spelled to her: No, no, Helen is naughty.

Broad and usually visited from Sandwick, lies the uninhabited island of Mousa (correctly spelled Moosa, the moory isle, from the:: Norse mO-r, moor), famous for the most perfect specimen of a Pictish broch, or tower of defence, in the British Isles.

The lectures are spelled into my hand as rapidly as possible, and much of the individuality of the lecturer is lost to me in the effort to keep in the race.

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He spelled her for a while, digging twice as much in half the time.

As a child I loved to sit on his knee and clasp his great hand with one of mine, while Miss Sullivan spelled into the other his beautiful words about God and the spiritual world.

Probably by the same artist, though his name was spelled differently, were the bronze doors of San Paolo fuori le Mura, Rome, careful drawings of which exist, though the originals were destroyed in the fire of 1824.

One little chap, about seven, was persuaded to learn the letters, and he spelled his name for Helen.

From the beginning of my education Miss Sullivan made it a practice to speak to me as she would speak to any hearing child; the only difference was that she spelled the sentences into my hand instead of speaking them.

Indeed, she feels the movements of Miss Sullivan so minutely that she responds to her moods, and so she seems to know what is going on, even though the conversation has not been spelled to her for some time.

MONTERREY (usually spelled Monterey in English), a city of Mexico and capital of the state of Nuevo Leon, 606 m.