Sentence Examples with the word Sped

His head dropped back against the headrest, and she sped up.

The glorious bay lay calm and beautiful in the October sunshine, and the ships came and went like idle dreams; those seaward going slowly disappeared like clouds that change from gold to gray; those homeward coming sped more quickly like birds that seek their mother's nest....

This encouraged me greatly, and I sped on to the end of the ordeal with a light heart and a steady hand.

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She stared out the windows at the telephone poles as they approached and sped off in a blur.

One brief spring, musical with the song of robin and mocking-bird, one summer rich in fruit and roses, one autumn of gold and crimson sped by and left their gifts at the feet of an eager, delighted child.

Time sped by and he was surprised how quickly he pulled into the first rest stop and spotted Fred O'Connor working on a cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin.

She sped away, and they took off up the driveway with the swordsman trailing.

She maneuvered the car around Denton's vehicle and sped down the drive.

Dean sped downhill, the temperature dropping in the breeze he created as the steep sides of the narrow valley blocked out all the midmorning sun.

Dean sped up to 80 miles an hour and turned across three lanes to an exit while the Ford tried vainly, but unsuccessfully, to follow.