Sentence Examples with the word Speculating

He spent his time in making chemical experiments and in speculating upon legal abuses, rather than in reading Coke upon Littleton and the Reports.

I moved to the want ads, speculating on what I'd be doing with my time in the future but nothing caught my eye.

Dean spent much of the trip speculating on the reason for the law man's visit.

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Bad science fiction plots, speculating on futures which could not really happen, are the worst examples of this.

While he hated even speculating about a child murderer, it was the first time Shipton's attempted killing began to make any sense.

I'll write it in general terms, speculating on how difficult it is to maintain both lives, operating one incognito.

Similar principles apply in infinite detail to the treatment of wind instruments, and we must never lose sight of them in speculating as to the reasons why the genius of Beethoven was able to carry instrumentation into worlds of which Haydn and Mozart never dreamt, or why, having gone so far, it left anything unexplored.

Of manipulating the market-and the public has probably been speculating increasingly.

The only one about whom conjecture has any basis for speculating is the last, for Eusebius states (H.E.

Fred asked the question like a learned professor, speculating on a universal problem of time, space and the creation of the universe.