Sentence Examples with the word Speakers

Of silence, and the two speakers would be on common ground when the native indicated by the name bwirri his cudgel, flung whirring through the air at a flock of birds, or when the native described as a jakkal-yakkal the bird called by the foreigner a cockatoo.

There is no reason to suppose that the speakers held the views with which Cicero credits them, or had such literary powers as would make them able to express such views (ib.

Manning, Lives of the Speakers of the House of Commons.

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In the Anti-Corn Law movement the two speakers were the complements and correlatives of each other.

The speakers were confident communicators.

In 1901 the total number of speakers of Mahratti in all India exceeded 18 millions.

The conference speaker list was augmented by a series of guest speakers from the commercial world.

In the new parliament which was elected at the beginning of 1849, he sat for Brandenburg, and was one of the most frequent and most incisive speakers of what was called the Junker party.

This was said of the first report, which contained no decision on nationalization; but it was afterwards unfairly alleged by Labour speakers that the Government, by refusing to accept the principle of nationalization, approved in a subsequent report, had broken Mr. Law's pledge.

These two dialects are separated by the belt of Brahui and Sindhi speakers who occupy the Sarawan and Jalawan hills, and Las Bela.