Sentence Examples with the word Spanned

In the case of St Stephen's, the peak on which it is built does nor rise higher than the ground behind, from which it is separated by a deep, narrow chasm, spanned by a drawbridge.

Gabriel and Past-Death had a relationship that spanned thousands of years.

He hesitated, wondering if they had chosen a lower climbing spot, below the bridge that spanned the gorge.

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From Dire Dawa to Harrar there is well-made carriage road, and from Harrar to Adis Ababa the caravan track is kept in good order, the river Hawash being spanned by an iron bridge.

There were no cities or large towns before the arrival of the Norsemen; no stone bridges spanned the rivers; stepping stones or hurdle bridges at the fords or shallows offered the only mode of crossing the broadest streams, and connecting the unpaved roads or bridle paths which crossed the country over hill and dale from the principal dials.

It is picturesquely situated partly on the slopes of Castle Hill and Melton Hill, and partly on the banks of Ross Creek, which is spanned by the Victoria Bridge, a swing bridge 550 ft.

It is well situated upon the Brenta, which is here spanned by a covered wooden bridge, and commands fine views.

In the vicinity are the remains of a Roman aqueduct, which formerly spanned the valley.

The river is spanned here by a cantilever railway bridge 1895 ft.

Calder is spanned by a Roman bridge.