Sentence Examples with the word Spaniard

Every Cuban paid about twice as heavy taxes as a Spaniard of the Peninsula.

The Biographical Dictionary of the Spaniard Ibn Pascual (d.

For the decretals we may mention Vincent the Spaniard and Bernard of Botone (Bernardus Parmensis, d.

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He took as his secretary of state Cardinal Raphael p us x Merry del Val, a Spaniard of English birth and educa tion, well versed in diplomacy, but of well-known ultramontane tendencies.

From the College de la Marche he removed to the College de Montaigu, 2 where the atmosphere was more ecclesiastical and where he had for instructor a Spaniard who is described as a man of learning and to whom Calvin was indebted for some sound training in dialectics and the scholastic philosophy.

This Spaniard of waning charms, who had been neglected by her husband and insulted by Richelieu, now gave her indolent and full-blown person, together with absolute power, into the hands of the Sicilian.

Lucrezia had been married to the Spaniard Don Gasparo de Procida, but on her father's elevation to the papacy the union was annulled, and in 1493 she was married to Giovanni Sforza, lord of Pesaro, the ceremony being celebrated at the Vatican with unparalleled magnificence.

The Spaniard became the swordsman and executioner of the counter-Reformation, because the power of the House of Austria depended on the imposition of religious unity in Europe.

In 1529, by the treaty of Zaragosa, Spain relinquished to Portugal all claims to the Moluccas and agreed that no Spaniard should trade or sail west of a meridian drawn 297 leagues east of the Moluccas.

After two weeks he left, having received the blessing of Pope Adrian VI., and proceeded by Padua to Venice, where he begged his bread and slept in the Piazza di San Marco until a rich Spaniard gave him shelter and obtained an order from the doge for a passage in a pilgrim ship bound for Cyprus, whence he could get to Jaffa.