Sentence Examples with the word Sous

De Gramont, Histoire d'Alger sous la domination turque (1887); Mercier, Histoire de l'Afrique septentrionale (1888-1891); Eugene Plantet, Correspondance des deys d'Alger avec la tour de France (1889-1892); Paul Masson, Histoire des etablissements et du commerce francais dans l'Afrique barbaresque (1903); General Faure-Biguet, Histoire de l'Afrique septentrionale sous la domination musulmane (1905); (b) for the French period: Camille Rousset, La Conquete d'Alger (8th ed., 1899), Les Commencements d'une conquete: l'Algerie de 1830 a 1840, with atlas (1887), and La Conquete de l'Algerie, 184118J7, with atlas (1889); Pelissier, Annales algeriennes (1854); Leon Roches, Trente-deux ans a travers l'Islam (1884-1887); Colonel Trumelet, Histoire de l'insurrection des Ouled-Sidi-Cheik (1887); Rinn, Histoire de l'insurrection de 1871 (1891).

But all these ruins fade into insignificance in comparison with the majestic grandeur of those of Timgad which are almost entirely laid bare; they are described in Timgad, une cite africaine sous l'empire romann, by R.

Reclus, Le Plus Beau Royaume sous le ciel (Paris, 1899); Vidal de La Blache, La France.

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On the establishment of the national institute he was elected a member of the second group (moral and political sciences), and was soon afterwards employed in the office of the ministry of foreign affairs, profiting by his experience to write his Motifs des guerres et des traites de paix sous Louis XI V., Louis X V.

From this judgment must be excepted, however, his ivory-white and cladon wares, as well as his porcelains decorated with blue, or blue and red sous couverte, and with vitrifiable enamels over the glaze.

Colincamp, Critique litteraire sous le premier Empire (1863), vol.

Luchaire, Histoire des institutions monarchiques de la France sous les premiers Capetiens, 987-1180 (2nd ed., 1890); and Manuel des institutions frangaises: periode des Capetiens directs (1892); J.

A fund bearing this name was formed in the 18th century for the purpose The sous of converting to the Catholic faith the native Indians of fu d of Upper and Lower California, both of which then belonged to Mexico, and of maintaining a Catholic priesthood there.

De Mas-Latrie, Histoire de file de Chypre sous les princes de la maison de Lusignan (Paris, 1852-1853); W.

In 1850 he became a member of the Institute, and in the following year published an important work in favour of free trade, under the title of Examen du systeme commercial connu sous le nom de systeme protecteur.