Sentence Examples with the word Son

Many of the Scots princes received their education as wards of the Lords Erskine and the earls of Mar, the last to be thus educated being Henry, the eldest son of James VI.

SIMON GRYNAEUS (1493-1541), German scholar and theologian of the Reformation, son of Jacob Gryner, a Swabian peasant, was born in 1493 at Vehringen, in HohenzollernSigmaringen.

According to northern mythology, Forseti, a son of Balder and Nanna, the god of justice, had a temple on the island, which was subsequently destroyed by St Ludger.

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Of France, until in 1127 Henry won him over by betrothing his daughter Matilda to Fulk's son Geoffrey Plantagenet.

A life was written by Caspar Brandt, son of Gerard Brandt, the historian of the Dutch reformation, and published in 1724; republished and annotated by J.

ERNST LUDWIG DUMMLER (1830-1902), German historian, the son of Ferdinand Diimmler (1777-1846), a Berlin bookseller, was born in Berlin, on the 2nd of January 1830.

Raghoji died in 1755, and in 1769 his son and successor, Janoji, was forced to acknowledge the peshwa's effective supremacy.

They came over with William the Conqueror and settled at Kilravock in 1293, since which date son has succeeded father without the interposition of a collateral heir, an instance of direct descent unique in Scottish history.

Subsequently, at the end of the republic, Quirinus became identified with the deified Romulus, son of Mars.

At last the disciples had expressed their conviction that He was the Christ, and immediately He tells them that He goes to meet humiliation and death as the necessary steps to a resurrection and a coming of the Son of Man in the glory of His Father.