Sentence Examples with the word Solomon

Now narrate both the end of David's reign and the rise of Solomon (see I.

Every emphasis is laid on the wisdom of Solomon and his wealth.

Incidentally he introduces into his explanations the current German expressions for the things he is treating of, with the apology that Solomon had 1 In the oldest MSS.

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In the South Pacific the northwest monsoon of Australia affects a belt running east of New Guinea to the Solomon Islands.

Gently he insinuates his vast bulk among them again and revels there awhile, still in tantalizing vicinity to young Lothario, like pious Solomon devoutly worshipping among his thousand concubines.

The last spark of his old energy was called forth to secure the succession of Solomon against the ambition of Adonijah.

The legend of the mountain is that Solomon visited Hindostan to marry Balkis, and that as they were returning through the air, on a throne supported by genii, the bride implored the bridegroom to let her look back for a few moments on her beloved land.

After 1480), was a mathematician and astronomer; Solomon ibn Verga, somewhat later, wrote Shebet Yehudah, of doubtful value historically; Abraham Zakkuth or Zakkuto, of Salamanca (d.

I have looked after the wild stock of the town, which give a faithful herdsman a good deal of trouble by leaping fences; and I have had an eye to the unfrequented nooks and corners of the farm; though I did not always know whether Jonas or Solomon worked in a particular field to-day; that was none of my business.

The objections to the Solomonic age as the time of origination of the book apply also to the period extending from Solomon through the 6th century.