Sentence Examples with the word Solemnities

Early in the 3rd century Dio Cassius still saw the comitia centuriata meeting with all its old solemnities (Dio Cassius lviii.

Demeter then returns to Olympus, but before her final departure from earth, in token of her gratitude, she instructs the rulers of Eleusis in the art of agriculture and in the solemnities and rites whereby she desires in future to be honoured.

It was thus established that pay, the love of enterprise and the prospect of plunder - if we leave zeal for the sacred cause which they had espoused for the moment out of sight - were quite as useful for the purpose of enlisting troops and keeping them together as the tenure of land and the solemnities of homage and fealty.

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About the same time the cycle of paschal solemnities was extended to the ninth week before Easter by the institution of stational masses for Septuagesima, Sexagesima and Quinquagesima Sundays.