Sentence Examples with the word Sofia

For their part the Bulgarians used the railway lines Adrianople - Sofia and Dede Aghach - Seres (the latter secured by the conquest of the coastal region by the 7th and 2nd Divs.

He knew Dusty was right, knew Sofia was right, knew he'd known since just after Darian's death that there was something not right about Claire but was too desperate to hold onto the last piece of his brother to face the truth.

Concerned, Sofia turned to face him.

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It would take Sofia awhile before she came to his bed of her own accord.

He covered Sofia with a comforter and closed the door to his bedroom behind him.

Siege artillery was entrained at Sofia for Trnovo-Seimen on the 17th.

Pierre gave him a sidelong look at his butchered French, and Sofia smiled despite herself.

Surrounded by hostile columns converging on Sofia from every quarter, Bulgaria yielded on July 31, and on Aug.

Traci sat on an unmade bed belonging to one of the Tucson Sector members, and Sofia eyed her Guardian.

Dimly, Sofia knew she'd never work there again after that low blow.