Sentence Examples with the word Socks

In the great bog-deposit at Thorsbjaerg in Angel, which dates from about the 4th century, there were found a coat with long sleeves, in a fair state of preservation, a pair of long trousers with remains of socks attached, several shoes and portions of square cloaks, one of which had obviously been dyed green.

Back at the house, she crossed the living room floor barefoot; her shoes in one hand and socks in the other.

Megan helped and stacked socks and underwear in her pile and then brought her a light wool jacket, leather gloves, hat, and scarf.

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She'd gotten the sizes right and even remembered matching socks and lounging clothes.

By the time he stuffed a duffle bag with slacks, sweater, socks and underwear, he knew he was cutting the time close.

His eyes fell to a toaster on the dresser with two socks resting beside it, as if waiting for their turn to warm her feet in the morning.

In winter a pair of very short white cotton socks are used, and tiny slippers with a high heel; in summer, in the house ladies go often barefoot.

For calloused feet, apply Vaseline and then put socks on overnight while sleeping.

Pulling on his half-dry socks and tugging into his boots, he picked up his shirt and left the area.

He waded out of the water and laid his socks and shirt on a rock in the sun to dry.