Sentence Examples with the word Socketed

Each length was thus fastened to a sleeper at one end, while at the other it was socketed into the end of its fellow.

The socketed or mortising chisel (38) is unknown till the Italian bronze of the 8th century s.c., and the Naucratis iron of the 6th century.

Both flanged and socketed celts occurred, the iron being much more numerous than the bronze.

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This style and the types of dagger, cauldron, bit and twolooped socketed axehead run right across from Hungary to the upper Yenisei, where a special Bronze Age culture seems to have developed them.

It has yielded four bronze swords, ten socketed spear-heads, forty celts or axe-heads and sickles, fifty knives, twenty socketed chisels, four hammers and an anvil, sixty rings for the arms and legs, several highly ornate torques or twisted neck rings, and upwards of two hundred hair pins of various sizes up to 16 in.