Sentence Examples with the word Soared

Beating his wings so hard they hurt, he rose into the sky and soared around the small island, finally spotting three lone figures in small valley not too far from the Sanctuary.

Katie gasped and flattened herself against the wall as they soared past them.

A Red Tailed Hawk soared overhead, banking off to the left and then right, searching for a rabbit or squirrel bold enough to show itself.

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Brady's body soared with adrenaline as he silently defied death and reach his goal.

Her adrenaline soared at the thought of taking the vehicle out on Highway 1, the road that hugged the coast.

Her emotions soared even higher at his words, until her tears overflowed.

Yully's heart soared higher than she thought was possible.

Sand flew as they soared and leapt through the desert.

And this human feeling dominated everything else and soared above all their affected chatter.

A great star shell soared into the sky, which was soon thick with them shining dimly through the eddies of the smoke.