Sentence Examples with the word So called

Scholar, so called from the initials of his full name, RABBI SAMUEL BEN MEIR, was a leading member of the French school of Biblical exegesis.

According to ancient authorities, the Puteal Libonis Puteal was the name given to an erection (or enclosure) on a spot which had been struck by lightning; it was so called from its resemblance to the stone kerb or low enclosure round a well (puteus).

He regards the Ontological argument strictly so called as having been exploded by Kant.

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Until 1874 Stettin was closely girdled by very extensive and strong fortifications, which prevented the expansion of the town, but the steady growth of its commerce and manufactures encouraged the foundation of numerous industrial suburbs beyond the ' The tabula Iliaca, a stucco bas-relief found in the ruins of an ancient temple on the site of the ancient Bovillae and so called because it represents the chief events of the Trojan War, is a sort of commentary upon this (see O.

RUFF, a bird so called from the very beautiful and remarkable frill of elongated feathers that, just before the breedingseason, grow thickly round the neck of the male, who is considerably larger than the female, known as the reeve.

Advocatio, a summons to), the right of presentation to a vacant ecclesiastical benefice, so called because the patron defends or advocates the claims of the person whom he presents.

Inge's attachment to Christianity caused him to be expelled after a short time by his brother-in-law Sweyn or Blotsweyn, so called Holston, from his revival of the old sacrifices.

Mr Sidney Lee suggests that Robin was a forest elf so called because elves wore hoods (see Dict.

We pass on to the other curious order of non-placental mammals, that of the Monotremata, so called from the structure of their organs of evacuation with a single orifice, as in birds.

The Imperial or Constantinian Indiction is so called because its establishment is attributed to Constantine.