Sentence Examples with the word Sniffed

It twisted its odd little face to look at her and sniffed at her arm with its small trunk.

Edith sniffed once, lowered her head, and continued to eat, as if ignoring what had happened might make the pain disappear.

Thus carbolic acid or carbolized ammonia are sniffed into the nose to destroy the microbes there, or the nose is washed out by an antiseptic solution as a nasal douche; bismuth or morphine are insufflated, or zinc ointment is applied, to cover the mucous membrane, and protect it from further irritation; and various antiseptic gargles, paints and powders applied to the pharynx in order to prevent the microbic inflammation from extending to the pharynx and down the trachea and bronchi, for many a severe bronchitis begins first by sneezing and nasal irritation.

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Suddenly he sniffed and put his face closer to the window.

She sniffed at the cider but found it smelled no differently than she expected.

When the communion service began, she smelt the wine, and sniffed so loud that every one in the church could hear.

She inspected a tee shirt of mine, sniffed it with disgust, and tossed it into a trash can across the room.

When Balashev had ended, Napoleon again took out his snuffbox, sniffed at it, and stamped his foot twice on the floor as a signal.

The dog sniffed around and stopped at a large blood spot on the floor.

She stopped and sniffed the air, then gaped at his glass.