Sentence Examples with the word Snarling

Furious at the loss, the fox made a snarling lunge at Carmen.

If he thinks she has him trapped, he'll be a rat in a cheese house with a craw full of cheddar, snarling and biting to get out.

Fitzgerald left with a laugh, leaving the box of bones smack dab in the middle of the scrapping, snarling Dawkins, none of who gave a lick about the plastic anatomical remains.

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The sounds of Rhyn slamming his body into his cell and snarling awoke her sometime later.

She imagined him snarling over the book she pushed in and replacing the one she'd been reading.

She.d barely left it when it slammed open, and two furry forms barreled into the room, snarling and fighting.

Brutus started after them, snarling and barking his disgust.

Jim had to be careful not to step upon the tiny piglets, who scampered under his feet grunting and squealing, while Eureka, snarling and biting at the thorns pushed toward her, also tried to protect the pretty little things from injury.