Sentence Examples with the word Snapped

He closed his eyes to Travel out of the condo, aware he'd snapped at her once again.

Lisa snapped her sagging jaw shut.

His ivory leg had been snapped off, leaving but one short sharp splinter.

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Memon snapped into action, moving across the chamber with inhuman speed.

Sensing the level of tension in the room, Rhyn didn.t sit but leaned with his back against the wall, ready to launch across the table at whoever snapped first.

Rhyn looked away from Jade and stepped back before he snapped and was banned eternally from the Sanctuary.

The blade of the dagger snapped in two.

The ties with Greek official Christendom were snapped for ever, and in subsequent ages the doctrinal preferences of the Armenians were usually determined more by antagonism to the Greeks than by reflection.

She snapped the full suitcase shut and opened her door.

She closed the suitcase lid and snapped it shut, staring into empty space.