Sentence Examples with the word Snagged

She tried to shove him off, but he snagged her hips and dragged her down, pinning her hands over her head.

She almost forgot her microcomputer and snagged it as she strode to the door.

She snagged an axe and went to the forest, trailed by vamps that had drawn closer at the scent of blood.

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Taran snagged the arm of a guard jogging by.

He stepped off the scale, snagged a protein bar, and walked the twenty floors to the gym in the bottom of his condo building.

He snagged her wrist as she dropped into the invisible portal to the immortal world.

Panic churned within her, and she was about to cry out for Rhyn when Jared snagged her arm.

Rhyn snagged the clothing of one, and the healer yelped.

She snagged a jar of Jif and a spoon, retreating to her library.

Katie snagged the perfume off the table as the two brothers neared and eased off the chair, placing it between her and them.