Sentence Examples with the word Smiles

He patted her leg with another of his friendly smiles and turned his attention to the world racing by them.

Jule's smiles were less reserved than those of the other men despite his unfriendly appearance.

His smiles to his companion were easy and his gaze wary.

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With scarcely any exceptions they all were, or seemed to be, pretty--so rapturous were their smiles and so sparkling their eyes.

Strange shapes of hills and rocks, rare plants and animals, unusual faces and figures of men, questionable smiles and expressions, whether beautiful or grotesque, far-fetched objects and curiosities, were things he loved to pore upon and keep in memory.

The women, hearing him, poured into the area, with smiles as broad as his.

Bills were paid, telephones answered and smiles smiled where called for.

No jokes, or laughter, or smiles even, were seen among all these men.

What the hell, if hand signals and the language of smiles could do the trick, she'd make a fine employee.

She offered one of her warm smiles and approached him, looking up at him with a mischievous twinkle in her gaze.