Sentence Examples with the word Smallpox

In the century leading up to its extermination, smallpox killed about 500,000,000 people.

She contracted smallpox at the age of 33.

In 1958, with smallpox still killing two million people a year, the World Health Organization pledged to eradicate it.

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Nature had made him mean, the smallpox had made him hideous, and his degraded habits made him loathsome.

Bilious remittent fever occurs in the summer months, and smallpox prevails from November to March.

The Malays formerly suffered severely from smallpox epidemics, but in the portion of the peninsula under British rule vaccination has been introduced, and the ravages of the disease no longer assume serious dimensions.

Even smallpox has been sequenced and is available for download.

During the smallpox epidemic of 1721 he attempted in vain to have treatment by inoculation employed, for the first time in America; and for this he was bitterly attacked on all sides, and his life was at one time in danger; but, nevertheless, he used the treatment on his son, who recovered, and he wrote An Account of the Method and further Success of Inoculating for the Small Pox in London (r 721).

Busily engaged in secret negotiations with France, he had retired to his hunting seat at Dieren, when he fell ill with smallpox on the 27th of October.

His second wife died of smallpox in 1698, and in 1700 Burnet married again, his third wife being Elizabeth (1661-1709), widow of Robert Berkeley and daughter of Sir Richard Blake, a rich and charitable woman, known by her Method of Devotion, posthumously published in 1710.