Sentence Examples with the word Small intestine

The salts of sodium resemble potassium in their action on the alimentary tract, but they are much more slowly absorbed, and much less diffusible; therefore considerable amounts may reach the small intestine and there act as saline purgatives.

Internally they are found to consist of a lamina twisted upon itself, and externally they generally exhibit a tortuous structure, produced, before the cloaca was reached, by the spiral valve of a compressed small intestine (as in skates, sharks and dog-fishes); the surface shows also vascular impressions and corrugations due to the same cause.

Among mammals, o, oesophagus; st, stomach; p, pylorus; ss, small intestine breviated); c, caecum; ll, large intestine colon, ending in r, the rectum.

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With few exceptions tapeworms select the small intestine for their station, and in this situation execute active movements of extension and contraction.