Sentence Examples with the word Slowed

The bake lights came on briefly as he slowed down for the bridge and then the truck disappeared into a cloud of tawny dust.

He slowed his brisk stride for her to draw and keep abreast.

When he'd slowed to the shoulder he was surprised to discover his error as a uniformed female emerged from the vehicle.

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Her step slowed as she saw their destination: a poorly lit loading area around the corner from the Macy's.

He maneuvered past the two trailing guards and slowed his horse behind Sirian.

He leaned forward as the horse leaped, and then back as he slowed it down, then sideways at an impossible angle as it scrambled around the barrel.

He corrected one other movement and slowed their pace until it resembled that of the youths being trained a short distance away.

Taran's gait slowed as he approached, dread sinking into his stomach.

I mean no disrespect to the accomplishments of science when I note how they've been slowed by our limitations in processing data.

Gabe's step slowed as he neared the man dressed in a white shirt held closed by two buttons and cream linen pants rolled to his knees, as if he'd been walking in the ocean.