Sentence Examples with the word Sleeping in

I have extra because it's a warm night and lots of my regulars like sleeping in the park.

There were three people with access to the keypads, and one was sleeping in the barracks from too much drugs.

It was sensual, dark and cool: black walls and obsidian wood flooring covered by jewel-toned rugs, mahogany California King bed with the finest maroon silk sheets and a dark gray comforter so soft, it was like sleeping in a cloud.

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The clever cost savings idea of sleeping in the car didn't sound so safe right now.

This is undoubtedly due to constitutional weakness arising from bad nutrition and the habit of sleeping in closed or badly ventilated apartments.

The image accompanying him into a light doze was that of the beautiful woman sleeping in the bed nearby.

Lana's body ached from sleeping in chairs.

The long-drawn virgin vales; the mild blue hill-sides; as over these there steals the hush, the hum; you almost swear that play-wearied children lie sleeping in these solitudes, in some glad May-time, when the flowers of the woods are plucked.

He wanted to fuck someone, and that someone was sleeping in his bed.

Terrible old man! thought Starbuck with a shudder, sleeping in this gale, still thou steadfastly eyest thy purpose.