Sentence Examples with the word Slash

Her blood was a slash of stark red against a white marble floor.

They live on mountain slopes, between 300 and 900 meters in altitude and practice slash and burn agriculture.

On the paved platform were three-storey tower temples in whose ground-floor stood the stone images and altars, and before that of the war-god the green stone of sacrifice, humped so as to bend upward the body of the victim that the priest might more easily slash open the breast with his obsidian knife, tear out the heart and hold it up before the god, while the captor and his friends were waiting below for the carcase to be tumbled down the steps for them to carry home to be cooked for the feast of victory.

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She stepped away to slash at a guardsman then tugged the necklace on quickly.

This caused people all over France to begin to slash at and drown one another.

The slash in his arm was deep, and maroon blood bubbled into the snow.

Both breathed hard, and she noticed a red slash across Darian's face.