Sentence Examples with the word Skye

The hills of the north-east are mainly the crests of lavaplateaux, which carry the mind towards Skye and the volcanic province of the Faeroe Islands.

Disguised in female attire and aided by a passport obtained by the devoted Flora Macdonald, he passed through Skye and parted from his gallant conductress at Portree.

The Lower, Middle and Upper Lias consist chiefly of shales and shelly limestones, with some sandstones, well seen along the shores of Broadford Bay in Skye and in some of the adjacent islands.

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While no islands except mere solitary rocks like May Island, the Bass Rock and Inchkeith diversify the eastern seaboard, the western presents a vast number, varying from such extensive tracts as Skye to the smallest stack or skerry.

In many cases, however, the groups point to the existence of some boss of rock of greater durability than those in the immediate neighbourhood, as in the Cuchullins and Red Hills of Skye and the group of granite cones of Ben Loyal, Sutherland.

The number of breeds is very large, the two extreme types being the smooth fox-terrier with compact shape, relatively long legs, and the longbodied, short-legged Skye terrier, with long hair and pendent ears.

Of these Skye and Small Isles belong to Inverness-shire, and the rest to Argyllshire.

The most populous island is Lewis-with-Harris (3 2,160), and next to it are Skye (13,883), Islay (6857) and Mull (4334) Of the total area of 1,800,000 acres, or 2812 sq.

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A few apparent exceptions occur along the western seaboard of Sutherland, in Skye and elsewhere, but examination of their structure at once explains the reason of their prominence and confirms the rule.