Sentence Examples with the word Skis

Off with his father to borrow skis from a friend of Mr. Ryland.

A vehicle, a mud-splatted Blazer, with skis in a rack atop it, followed her and slowed as it passed the building.

With Ryland's help, the skis were attached to his vehicle.

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After dressing in double sweaters, wool knickers and stockings, they racked their skis atop their jeep and drove south from town into the mountains.

Dean was about to ask him if his nineteen-fifties sweater came from the same garage sale as the skis but he proceeded directly to the parlor.

The Milosla y skis were typical self-seeking 17th century boyars, whose extortions made them generally detested.

Dean hurried to return his skis while the others took the gondola back to the parking lot.