Sentence Examples with the word Skirted

The first Europeans known to have visited the site of Milwaukee were Father Jacques Marquette, the Jesuit missionary, and his companion, Louis Joliet, who on their return in the autumn of 1673 to the mission of St Francis Xavier at De Pere from their trip down the Mississippi, skirted the west shore of Lake Michigan in their canoes from Chicago northward.

On the north-west and south-east it is skirted by lofty hills (Sgor Choilearn (3164), Sgor nau Coireachan (3133) and others of over 2000 ft.),but the land at the western extremity in Ardnamurchan is low-lying.

He moved closer and she skirted the breakfast bar until it was between them.

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South-west from this point extends the line of gardens which occupy the site of former landward fortifications, pleasantly diversified by water and plantations, skirted on the inner side by three wide boulevards, Ostervold, Norrevold and Vestervold Gade, and containing noteworthy public buildings, mostly modern.

On its northern side the valley of Borotala is skirted by the important orographic system of the Dzungarian Ala-tau, the northernmost member of the Tian-shan.

All day long he had been watching from the forest that skirted the highroad a large French convoy of cavalry baggage and Russian prisoners separated from the rest of the army, which--as was learned from spies and prisoners--was moving under a strong escort to Smolensk.

The Mississippi river is skirted throughout the length of the state by contours of 400 to 600 ft.

It consisted of a short skirted coat with rows of metal buttons, a tricoloured waistcoat and red cap, and became the popular dress of the Jacobins.

Side of Mongolia, and, since 1904-5, it has skirted the N.

The roads to Syria skirted the east border of the Delta and then followed the coast from near Pelusium through El Arish and Gaza.