Sentence Examples with the word Skied

Dean skied down to join them.

They skied together and to Dean it was a long and infinitely pleasant run.

I was picking myself up from a minor miscue and Donnie had skied ahead of me to base.

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It was apparent that Fred had skied before at some time in his long life and, more importantly, he knew enough to do so cautiously.

By the time I skied down, the guy was nowhere to be seen.

Dean skied a few tentative yards down the slope, took a couple of turns, stopped, and assessed himself.

Telluride's sixty-six trails, spread over more than a thousand acres, were an awesome change from the crowded slopes Dean had skied in the East in years gone by.

All I know he hasn't skied in the fifteen years I've known him.

Dean asked as Ryland skied up to his son and tried to console him.