Sentence Examples with the word Skeat

Skeat, Malay Magic (London, 1900); Skeat and Blagden, Pagan Races of the Malay Peninsula (London, 1906); Sir Frank Swettenham, Malay Sketches (London, 1895); The Real Malay (London, 1899); British Malaya (London, 1906); H.

The Anglo-Saxon name of the Parret, a river in Somerset, is Pedreda or Pedrida, which at first sight looks as if it had to do with the proper name, Petrus; but Skeat believes there is no connexion between them - the latter portion of the word being rio, a stream.

In 1560 C. Gesner (Icones avium, p. 130) gave a far better figure (though ' Commonly believed to be so called from its cry; but Skeat (Proc. Philolog.

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Another alliterative poem in the northern dialect, of 15th-century origin, is based on the Historia de proeliis, and was edited by Skeat for the E.E.T.S.

Gobelet, diminutive of gobel, gobeau, which Skeat takes to be formed from Low Lat.